Thursday, December 6, 2007

Diamonds on the Rise

A girl's best friend just got more expensive

Welcome to the holiday season-- it's going to cost you. With gold and diamond prices experiencing a steady price increase, you'll have to reach a little deaper into your pockets to bring home those shiny stocking stuffers. IDEX notes that polished diamond prices have boomed an additional 3.6 percent in November over last year's numbers.

The increase, according to IDEX, can be placed on three main factors: 1) strong demand for larger, better quality gemstones in most world markets; 2) higher rough diamond prices; and, 3) a falling U.S. dollar. The weak U.S. dollar is problematic in instances where mining companies and diamond suppliers have non-dollar denominated costs but collect revenues in dollar-denominated commodities. In short, the revenues are not rising as fast as the costs.

Financial analysts fear that the slowing U.S. economy and talk of a recesion in the coming year will take it's toll on the domestic polished diamond market. Projections show diamond prices continuing to soar through December and well into 2008. However, stones weighing in over the two-carat mark are still going strong and have experienced an increase in consumer demand throughout the diamond hike. So when stocking your display case for the holidays and beyond, you might consider throwing down the dough for a little extra bling. Pieces with larger stones will experience a lesser shelf life over the next few seasons.

Click here for more details on the IDEX's findings.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back from Basel

...and bearing bangles

Team Atara was tearing it up at the Baselworld Jewelry Show in Basel, Switzerland this past week on the lookout for what’s haute and what’s not. The ever changing face of the jewelry industry adapts new styles and designs at par with any major fashion niche. To the retailer, this means staying on top of current trends is key. When you want to know what the climate will be like this season, you check with the weather channel, and when you want to know what fashion will be like this season, you check with Europe.

That brings us to our top trend of the times as witnessed first hand from Baselworld 2007.

The most important word on a jewelers lips this year: Bangles. The eighties are back and in demand. This summer is all about accentuating arms, so shed the sweaters and flaunt your forearms by stacking 3 or more shiny bits of arm candy. Bangles are versatile, can be easily dressed up or down and look great in pairs.

Check out our 2007 Spring Bling Line complete with all the bangles a girl could ask for at the upcoming Luxury AGTA Vegas Show or visit the catalog online at

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All that glitters is not gold

Palladium; Breaking the mold

There's something shiny on the metal market making retailers turn their heads and take notice. Move over Platinum, there's a new white metal making waves on the market. Atara Jewelry is pleased to announce the availability of 18K-Palladium and pure Palladium in select styles of our current jewelry catalog.

The 925 Palladium compound incorporates the malleability of Platinum with the strength of 18-karat at a price point any buyer can appreciate. While 14-karat gold includes roughly 58.5 percent gold and 18-karat compounds weigh in at 75 percent gold, industry standard palladium boasts superior purity with 95 percent pure metal offering palladium a plethora of unique characteristics.

Strength, color clarity, wearability and cost are all qualities of the precious white metal. Palladium is 12% stronger than Platinum with a whiter semblance over both Platinum and gold. White gold is not naturally white, it is forged with other alloys such as nickle (a known skin irritant in nearly 10% of the population) to create a bright white semblance; Palladium on the other hand is naturally white and requires no nickle additives or rhodium finish to color correct. All these benefits make the new metal a popular choice for bridal jewelry as well as everyday wear.

Atara Jewelry looks forward to a bright future paved with Palladium. Browse our online catalog or call 1(800)356-7543 for more information.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Diamonds Go Digital

Atara Jewelry joins the Blogger community

Atara Jewelry, manufacturer of diamond and color stone pieces with offices in New York, NY has gone interactive by launching the Digital Diamond blog. With East Coast roots, Atara has over 20 years of experience in the industry; pioneering, forging, and providing the finest quality precision set and custom fashions.

Starting in a small office room, relocating to subsequent larger spaces and finally expanding the world wide web, Atara Jewelry is an industry standard constantly growing and adapting to our customer's needs.

We are dedicated to providing fine retailers with the best products, services and resources available. As part of that commitment, Atara Jewelry and the Digital Diamond blog will provide posts on the latest industry trends, styles and news to keep our retailers up to speed on the changing face of jewelry fashion.

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